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We all want the communities we’re involved with to be engaged.

An engaged community is a fully-informed community. Its members arrive to appointments on time, vote on important issues, report problems, receive and react to weather alerts, successfully coordinate package deliveries, and so much more.

In an engaged community, leaders and members—tenants, employees, customers, vendors, neighbors, friends, and other affiliates—can receive and respond to communications to and from one another quickly, conveniently, and naturally. Everything just clicks.

The key to engagement is cutting through the communication noise of modern life by letting your community members choose the information they want and need from you, and letting them decide how they want to receive and respond to it, without adding extra work for your team.

The best tool for the job is Endlink, the world’s first Community Engagement Platform.



Managing communications for office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, factories, warehouses, apartments, and more requires the flexibility, customizability, and raw power that only Endlink can provide!


The tenants and fellow managers in your homeowner or property owner association need to know what’s happening in the community. Endlink can make your community more connected and informed.


Keep every member of your faith-based cell groups on the same path as your primary body of faith. Everyone is aware of opportunities to serve, and no stragglers are left behind, with Endlink!

Managing Engagement

Endlink splits your communities into easy-to-manage segments.


Individuals, each with their own unique profiles. Profiles contain demographic information, including content and delivery preferences for messages.


Collections of many People. These could be “tenants on the western side of the building,” “the committee,” etc. Make any kind of Group you need!


Identifiers that can be added to People, Groups, or Things. Examples include “married,” “has kids,” “homeowner,” “renter,” “near elevator 1,” etc.


Machines like automatic gates and lights. Now, you can remind guests about a party and heat the pool for them with one system: Endlink!

Simplifying Engagment through diverse features

Discover what makes Endlink the most robust, simple, effective engagement tool in the world.


Create, schedule, and broadcast customized reminders and other content that will be delivered to event attendees through their preferred communication channels. Endlink can even follow up with attendees after events for valuable feedback!

Custom SMS

Your account includes a unique Short Message Service (SMS) number, offering bidirectional communication with your community members while keeping your personal information personal.

Personal Profile

Each member of your community has a unique profile containing his or her content and delivery preferences for communication, a record of his or her interactions with the community, and more. Profile display options are even customizable!


Send messages to individuals, groups, or even machines, right away or at scheduled times, using text messages, emails, voice messages, and more. Broadcasting is bidirectional, so you can receive communications using any of these methods, too!

Engagement Bundles

Build a series of communications in advance, then send the sequence to your intended recipients when the time is right! If you regularly send out similar types of communication, this is perfect for your needs.


Kickstart your communication efforts with the Modelli content library’s professionally designed, thoroughly tested end forms, email templates, written content, and more. Your own original content can also be saved to your personal Modelli library!

Tailored Content

You and your community members can set individualized content and delivery preferences for communications, ensuring that members are only getting the information they need or want in the way that’s most convenient for them!


Our built-in sponsorship tools allow you to align your funding and support with your community’s culture and interests. The entire process can be managed directly within Endlink. It’s perfect for nonprofit organizations with high-volume messaging needs!

Ring of Engagement

See how effectively you’re engaging with each member of your community using a metrics based visual system. Knowing where you stand helps immensely when planning your future engagement strategies!


Direct communications to specific individuals and groups using simple Feed IDs, protecting people’s personal information! Feed IDs can be used in SMS, email, and voice communications and make tracking communications to and from users easy!